Esencia's post-operative treatment is a gentle form of different techniques and the lymphatic massage that increases blood flow and promotes recovery by targeting the lymphatic system.


After surgery, fluids can harden, which is often painful and it gives the area a lumpy and uneven appearance. Our treatment prevents, treats, and reduces the hardening of fluids. Esencia customizes all post-op treatments to each individual client.

It is best to begin your post-op treatments 3 days after your surgery. It will promote healthy healing and give your finished surgery a smooth natural look.

Key Benefits

・Less scar tissue・

・Accelerated healing・

・Soothes and relieves・

・Minimize swelling・

・Soft tissue repair・

・Body contour・

・Skin Tightening・

・Butt lifting and toning・

・Pain relief・

・Better circulation・


・$90 - Single Session・

・$460 - 6 sessions・

・$860 - 12 sessions・



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